1.    Reference/Information service

This service consists of personal assistance provided to users (individual or group) in pursuit of information. Library personnel are available during regular library hours to assist users in their search for information. 

2.    Literature Search

Library customer/user wanting to know what references or publications are available for a specific subject or topic is assisted through the literature search service by checking the indices, bibliographic guides or lists in order to find the needed information.

 3.   Library Orientation/Instruction

A library orientation is helping students feel aware with the facilities, services, location, collection, and of the library schedule. Orientation program is facilitated during start of the school year.

Library instruction is teaching formally or informally students and other users the effective use of the library. The librarians also provide informal library orientation/instruction to groups or individuals. 

 4.   Technical Service

This is acquiring library materials for the library by purchase, gifts or exchange. Likewise, this involves organizing library materials or classifying and cataloging library materials for easy access and retrieval and conservation of library materials by means of binding and by simple repair.

 5.   Bibliographic Service

The library provides list of books and other materials on selected areas of interest upon request of faculty members.

 6.    Indexing Service

An index is a tool that points out where certain information can be found. Important articles in periodicals are indexed.

 7.   Current Awareness Service

This is an on-going dissemination of information of newly acquired books and other library materials to the faculty and to other academic community.