Brief History

          Through the years, the library of  Capiz State University has metamorphosed into a beautifully grown  butterfly as it had its humble beginnings from Pontevedra High School in 1948, to CAFS in 1958, to PSPC in 1980 and currently Capiz State University in 2004.  It is strategically located within the campus.  

          In 1993, the old administration building was converted into the main library and high school library into annex library.

          Several renovations had been made since then. A major renovation was made after typhoon Undang in 1984 and supertyphoon Yolanda in 2013. 

          Over the years, the library was under the management of the following college librarians:

•Ms. Dolores E.B. Bellosillo  (1967-1975)
•Ms. Edith Gleyo (1975-1980)
•Ms. Delia Buencuchillo (1980-1984)
•Prof. Wennie A. Descalzota (1984-2006)
•Prof. Rebecca N. Rosano (1989- 2001)
•Ms. Elda T. Escolta (2001-2013)
•Mrs. Marianne A. Escleto (2006 to date)

          We owe so much our very active library managers who play a vital role in the continuous development of our university library, likewise, relentless support has been coming from the administration, stakeholders, students and the community. 

          As the university continues to grow in stature, another library building project shall break ground as commitments of the university to new technology shall soon be realized.